Block access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O by location with Microsoft Entra Conditional Access

Below are the key points for implementing location-based access controls using Microsoft Entra Conditional Access:

restrict d365
Restrict Dynamics 365 F&O

  1. The purpose of this is to enhance security by restricting access based on the user’s location to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. The mechanism used is Conditional Access policies that analyze signals from the user, their device, and their location to make automated decisions on access.
  3. This affects Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O where access is denied if a user logs in from a blocked location.
  4. The user needs to have Microsoft ENtra ID P1 or P3.
  5. Access restrictions are enforced during user authentication but allow access until the session times out, even if the user leaves the location.
  6. How to Configure it:
    • Create named locations. Define the location.
    • Establish Conditional Access policies. Create a conditional access policy
    • Select relevant Microsoft applications under Cloud apps or actions for the policies. (as shown in the picture above)

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