OData in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

OData stands for Open Data protocol is a standard way for creating and consuming APIs. It allows for the easy exposing and updating of data through web technologies, making it straightforward to access Dynamics 365 F&O data from external systems.

OData provides real-time access to Dynamics 365 F&O data, which is essential for timely decision-making and reporting to end users. In Dynamics 365 F&O, you can expose data through OData by creating data entities. External applications can consume these OData services using standard web protocols (HTTP requests), allowing them to read or write data and also Supports querying using standard URL conventions so we can filter, sort, and manipulate data directly through the URL.

One example of OData is shown below, here first I will get an access token using Bearer token authorization as shown in the picture below.

Postman authorisation Dynamics 365 FO
Postman authorisation Dynamics 365 FO

Once the token is generated, now we will hit the OData URL for Dynamics 365 F&O to fetch one Purchase order using PurchaseOrderHeadersV2 Data Entity.

Postman OData
Postman OData

As shown in the picture above we have called PurchaseOrderHeadersV2 and applied a filter of Purchase order and Data area ID.

Order in which method is called in Odata:

OData method call sequence
OData method call sequence

Microsoft reference for the same:

Open Data Protocol (OData)

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