Substring in power automate

In Power Automate, the “substring” function is used to extract a specific portion of a string based on starting and ending points. It is useful when you need to manipulate or extract data from strings in your power automate flow.

Syntax for substring() function in Power Automate:

substring(string, startIndex, length)

String: The string from which you want to extract the substring.
StartIndex: The zero-based index position in the string where the extraction should begin.
Length: The number of characters to include in the returned substring.

substring(variables('Atul Yadav'), 0, 5)

If you want to extract the first five characters from a string stored in a variable text, you will have to use the expression substring(variables(‘text’), 0, 5). This will return the first five characters of the string in the text.

Atul Yadav


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