update_recordset in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

update_recordset is used to handle batch updates to database, so that DB calls are not multiple due to bulk data. so it basically updates bulk data in one db call only which optimizes the performance and reduces the server load. We should use it when we need to update a significant amount of data at once.

Code Example:

static void UpdateInventTableExample(Args _args)
    InventTable inventTable;

    update_recordset inventTable
        setting Blocked = NoYes::Yes
        where inventTable.ItemGroupId == "10";

    info("All items in item group '10' have been set to inactive.");

So in the above code, we updated Blocked status to ‘Yes’ in the InventTable where the item group ID is 10.

Also, update_recordset is mostly used in batch jobs which should be scheduled to run during off-peak hours to minimize the impact on the system’s performance and make sure that other business operations/processes are not disrupted.

Atul Yadav


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